Letter 0007

Letter 0007: From Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh


Ancienne maison VINCENT VAN GOGH.
Fournisseur des cabinets de LL. MM. le Roi et la Reine.
Place no. 14 à la Haye.
Goupil & Cie.

The Hague, 5 May 1873

My dear Theo,
Please do not be upset, old chap, that I forgot your birthday. Many congratulations. I do hope things continue to go well for you this year, and that you continue to take pleasure in your work.

My time here is drawing to a close. On Saturday I’ll go home and take my leave, and then on Sunday it is on to Paris. I’m afraid it’ll end up being Monday before I start, however, and that on Sunday I’ll still be in Helvoirt. I hope I’ll be able to write to you in time about when I’ll be passing through Brussels, but it’s quite possible that I won’t be able to, as I still don't know when I have to be in Paris.

How are Uncle and Aunt? Have they moved yet? Be sure to write to me soon about that, I’ll give you my address below. I’m writing quickly, as you can imagine I’m busy.

Adieu, I wish you well.

Give my warm regards to Uncle and Aunt, also to Mr. Schmidt and Eduard.

Ever your loving brother

V.W. van Gogh
Care of Messrs Goupil & Co.
17 Southampton Street

Mind: V.W. van Gogh, because otherwise there’s likely to be confusion with letters for Uncle Cent, who’s only V.

From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: 5 May 1873
Place: The Hague
Letter 0007
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It seems Vincent had forgotten that Theo had turned 16 years old on 1 May 1883. This probably bothered Vincent as he cared for his brother and worried a lot about him being so young and working in the city.

Uncle Hein and Aunt Mietje were moving to a town called Laken at this time.