Still Life With Cabbage and Clogs

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Still Life With Cabbage and Clogs by Vincent van Gogh
Still Life With Cabbage and Clogs
Oil on paper on panel
34.5 × 55 cm (13.5 × 21.75 in)
Van Gogh Museum
Painted November, December 1881, Etten
F 1, JH 81

An early work that appears to have been painted on canvas, but actually Vincent has glued paper to a panel and applied a ground coat with a roller to add texture that simulates canvas. This was an economical choice for an artist without the funds to purchase canvas. Vincent was working with his cousin by marriage, the painter Anton Mauve, and was lucky to have access to oil paints and a studio to practice his technique with colors, forms, and textures. There is little evidence of the future use of a much brighter color palette and the strong personal style he developed in time.

Vincent mentions this painting in a letter to his brother Theo.

"These are the subjects of 2 painted studies. One is a terracotta head of a child wearing a fur cap, the other a white cabbage and some potatoes etc."
To Theo van Gogh, 18 December 1881

He also included a small sketch in the letter as shown below.

Still Life With Cabbage and Clogs Letter Sketch by Vincent van Gogh

Still Life With Cabbage

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam 1903;
J. Willebeek le Mair, Rotterdam 1903;
H. E. de'Audretsch, Amerongen;
Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam, Netherlands.