Girl in the Woods

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Girl in the Woods by Vincent van Gogh
Girl in the Woods
Oil on panel
35 × 47 cm (13.75 × 18.5 in)
Private collection
Painted August 1882, The Hague
F 8a, JH 180

Vincent explained to his brother Theo the exact reason he included the figure of the girl in this painting..

"The small figure in this study is actually there simply and solely for the size...," and he further clarifies "It’s also there to provide an accent."
To Theo van Gogh, 25 September 1882

He was not happy with the background of this painting and explained that it was more a study of the foreground material, the trees and root structure. Though landscapes were a common subject Vincent never really considered himself a landscape artist, usually adding figures to these paintings.

C. Mouwen, Jr., Breda;
Sale Mouwen, Amsterdam (F. Muller) 3 May 1904;
Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
Private collection, owner unknown, Amsterdam (1967).