Bulb Fields

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Bulb Fields by Vincent van Gogh
Bulb Fields
Oil on canvas on wood
48.9 × 66 cm (19.25 × 26 in)
National Gallery of Art
Washington D.C.
North America
Painted April 1883, The Hague
F 186, JH 361

Painted during his second year spent in The Hague, Bulb Fields is the first of Vincent's many garden paintings. He used the bright rectangular plots of red, pink, yellow, blue, and white flowers receding into the distance to explore his interest in color and perspective. Choosing a vantage close to the ground accents the flatness of the landscape and creates a pleasing panoramic view.

Below text there is a detail image of the figure in the flower beds, carrying what appears to be a hoe or digging stick.

Flower Beds in Holland

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
Jan Smit, Alblasserdam, Netherlands (Since 1905);
Sale Smit, Amsterdam (Mak van Waay) 10 February 1919;
John Enthoven, Voorburg, Netherlands;
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W. Brinkman, Schipluiden, Netherlands (1954);
Frank Perls, Beverly Hills, U.S.A.;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon, Upperville, Virginia, U.S.A (12 January 1955);
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (Gift, 1983).

Bulb Fields Detail
Bulb Fields by Vincent van Gogh Detail