A Wind Beaten Tree

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A Wind Beaten Tree by Vincent van Gogh
A Wind Beaten Tree
Oil on canvas
35 × 47 cm (13.75 × 18.5 in)
Present owner and/or location unknown
Painted August 1883, The Hague
F 10, JH 384

A disappointing image of a painting that has been in private hands and apparently not photographed properly in decades. After a sale of the piece in 1964 it has been listed as owner and location unknown. Several websites online dealing with Vincent van Gogh claim that the painting has been stolen, but no details or other information is provided. Wikipedia also states that the piece was stolen, but without any footnotes or links to realistic information on a theft this is likely untrue, and possibly the source of other websites repeating unverified information.

Neither Interpol nor the F.B.I. lists A Wind Beaten Tree in their databases of stolen artworks.

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
L. C. Enthoven, Voorburg, Netherlands;
Sale Enthoven, Amsterdam (F. Muller) 18 May 1920;
Buffa Art Gallery, Amsterdam;
J. de Vos Jr., Bussum;
Sale Amsterdam (F. Muller) 26 January 1944;
Neupert Art Gallery, Zurich (Before 1964);
Present owner unknown.