Avenue of Poplars in Autumn

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Avenue of Poplars in Autumn by Vincent van Gogh
Avenue of Poplars in Autumn
Oil on canvas on panel
99 × 65.7 cm (40 × 25.9 in)
Van Gogh Museum
Painted October 1884, Nuenen
F 122, JH 522

"The last thing I made is a rather large study of an avenue of poplars with the yellow autumn leaves, where the sun makes glittering patches here and there on the fallen leaves on the ground, which are interspersed with the long shadows cast by the trunks."
Letter to Theo van Gogh, circa 25 October 1884

The last several painting Vincent did, all in October of 1884, were lanes lined with trees in the autumn. Autumn was his favorite season, and he loved the light at this time of year, trying to capture that crisp golden glow of the season and in this work he has done so. Perhaps a little rough in execution, nonetheless the colors are gorgeous, and he has included another element common to his work, a figure almost in darkness or silhouette.

Avenue of Poplars: Autumn

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
J. G. L. Nolst Trénité, Rotterdam (Acquired 1904);
W. Nolst Trénité, Rotterdam (1952, 1960);
Heirs of W. Nolst Trénité (1970);
Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1977).