Footbridge Across a Ditch

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Footbridge Across a Ditch by Vincent van Gogh
Footbridge Across a Ditch
Oil on canvas
47 × 35 cm (18.5 × 13.75 in)
Private collection
Painted August-September 1883, The Hague
F 189, JH 386

A small work that utilizes the dark, cloudy sky with a band of light on the horizon that Vincent sometimes painted, there seems to be little mention of the work in his letters. The de la Faille catalog dates the work to late 1883 based on stylistic grounds. At this period Vincent wrote more of his studies of peasants and potato diggers when describing his efforts to Theo, and this beautiful painting seem lost in the shuffle.

4 November 2010 Footbridge Across a Ditch was acquired by the family of the present owner at auction for $386,500, exceeding the estimated sale price of $70,000 - $100,000.

Below the text there are two images of the sky and footbridge which show greater detail and Vincent's brushwork.

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Footbridge Across a Ditch Details
Footbridge Across a Ditch by Vincent van Gogh Detail of Sky

Footbridge Across a Ditch by Vincent van Gogh Detail of Bridge