Lane in Autumn

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Lane in Autumn by Vincent van Gogh
Lane in Autumn
Oil on canvas on panel
46 × 35 cm (18 × 13.75 in)
Private collection
Painted October 1884, Nuenen
F 120, JH 519

Little can be said on this work from Vincent's point of view as he seems to have not mentioned it in his letters. In fact he describes the peasant worker series, and later some mills and similar paintings similar to this one, but writes little about several paintings from this period, including this one. In addition it is in a private collection meaning excellent images are not to be found. The painting does seem to have sketch like quality, as if perhaps more quickly done, and one wonders if Vincent was taking advantage of a mild October day before moving inside to begin the peasant head studies he planned to paint over the winter.

A. Hahnloser, Winterthur, Switzerland (Bought before 1914);
Mrs. L. Jäggli-Hahnloser (1970)
Private collection, Fribourg, Switzerland.