Lying Cow F 0001c JH 000389

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Lying Cow F 0001c JH 0389 by Vincent van Gogh
Lying Cow
Oil on canvas
19 × 47.5 cm (7.5 × 18.75 in)
Signed at bottom, just left of center: Vincent (Under hoof, in shadow, barely visible in this image)
Present location and owner unknown
Painted August 1883, The Hague
F 1c, JH 389

Another of the interesting and disappointing early paintings that seem to have vanished with little information and no decent photograph of the work. Vincent painted several paintings of cows early in his career. Though this one was previously considered from 1882, most now date it to August of 1883. In private hands since 1959 the current owner and location are unknown.

C. Mouwen, Jr., and M. Janssen, both of Breda, reportedly);
Ed. van Biema, The Hague;
F. P. Hirschel, Amsterdam;
Franz Heinz, Lochham near Munich;
Private collection, New York;
Sale New York )Parke-Bernet) 11 November 1959);
Present owner unknown.