Marshy Landscape

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Marshy Landscape by Vincent van Gogh
Marshy Landscape
Oil on canvas
25 × 45.5 cm (9.85 × 19.9 in)
Location Unknown
Private collection
Painted August - September 1883, The Hague
No F Number Assigned, JH 394

Another of the early paintings that have been problematic for those trying to sort out his work, and for those simply enjoying it. This work has no F number assigned by the catalogue raisonné devised by Jacob Baart de la Faille, and the reasons are as of now unclear. The catalog has been revised but this work never entered, though it is noted as JH 394 in the Jan Hulsker listings. In addition information on the provenance has been difficult to obtain, and as with many other of the early works no good image is available.

Remember that Vincent left The Hague within months of this work being completed, taking all of his work to Nuenen, then moved on to Antwerp leaving the paintings with his family. After his death much of the work seems to have been unaccounted for by his mother and family. It is said there were over 70 paintings and only 24 have been accounted for , leaving a possible 46 works as lost. We know this because these paintings were mentioned in his letters, though this one painting seems to have scant information in that source.

If you have information on this work, the missing F number, or a better image, please use the Contact form and let us know.

Provenance has not been found as of yet.