Peat Boat With Two Figures

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Peat Boat With Two Figures by Vincent van Gogh
Peat Boat With Two Figures
Oil on canvas on panel
37 × 55.5 cm (14.5 × 22 in)
Drents Museum
Painted October 1883, Nieuw-Amsterdam, Drenthe
F 21, JH 415

While living in Drenthe Vincent did several paintings of people working in the peat bogs, cutting it out, and here loading it onto barges for transport. Earlier he had sketched this same scene in a letter to Theo, but did not think much of the drawing, telling his brother, "I’m afraid the scratches are absolutely indecipherable."
To Theo van Gogh, circa 22 October 1883

Here is the letter drawing, called Peat Barge With Two Figures (F No Number Assigned, JH 416),

Peat Barge With Two Figures drawing by Vincent van Gogh

The Peat Boat

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
J. van Hoey Smith, Rotterdam;
Mrs. J. van Hoey Smite-van Stolk, Rockanje (1965);
R. W. van Hoey Smith (1968);
Drents Museum, Assen, Netherlands.