Potato Digging (Five Figures)

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Potato Digging (Five Figures) by Vincent van Gogh, Digital Reconstruction
Potato Digging (Five Figures)
Oil on canvas
39.5 × 94.5 cm (15.5 × 37.25 in)
Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Raskin Collection
New York City, NY
North America
Painted August 1883, The Hague
F 9, JH 385

This painting has been held in private hands for decades, since 1964, and no good photographs have been released of the painting. Above we have posted a digital reconstruction in color of what the original may look like, though it is fair to say that Vincent might have done something totally different with the color, almost certainly so. Below the provenance information we have posted the best available image of the original; sadly it is available only in black and white.

Vincent was excited about the prospect of painting the potato diggers working in the area, telling Theo in a letter, "Theo, I am enormously eager to paint the potato diggers." He then went on to mention the diggers four more times in that letter and also in several letters following.
To Theo van Gogh, circa 2 August 1883

Potato Digging

J. Hidde Nijland, The Hague;
Sale J. Hidde Nijland, The Hague (Pulchri Studio) 5-6 October 1937;
Nieuwenhuizen Segaar Art Gallery, The Hague;
Miss T. B. van Baaren, Utrecht;
Van Wisselingh Art Gallery, Amsterdam;
Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Raskin, New York (1964).

Potato Digging (Five Figures) by Vincent van Gogh