Shepherd with a Flock of Sheep

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Shepherd with a Flock of Sheep by Vincent van Gogh
Shepherd with a Flock of Sheep
Oil on canvas on cardboard
67 × 126 cm (26.75 × 49.75 in)
Soumaya Museum
Mexico City
North America
Painted September 1884, Nuenen
F 42, JH 517

This work is the final known work of six Vincent was painting in a deal with a local wealthy merchant, Anthonius (Antoon) Petrus Hermans. The man had initially wanted six painting of saints but Vincent convinced him to consider instead scenes of the local farmers performing different tasks in each of the seasons. Strangely Vincent was to paint these and Hermans was going to copy them himself onto his dining room walls as decorations, and Vincent would be allowed to keep the completed paintings. Right from the start Vincent had more expenses for paints and canvas than income from the job. He also began teaching Hermans and several other local people to paint, hoping eventually to have them pay him in paints so he could produce more work.

The four known paintings in the series are listed here.

Farmers Planting Potatoes (F 41, JH 513)
Potato Planting (F 172, JH 514)
Wood Gatherers in the Snow (F 43, JH 516)
Shepherd with a Flock of Sheep (F 42, JH 517)

There were also works showing a sower and a wheat harvest that are unknown.

Shepherd: Storm Effect

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