Still Life with Clogs and Pots

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Still Life with Clogs and Pots (F 54, JH 536) by Vincent van Gogh
Still Life with Clogs and Pots
Oil on canvas on panel
42 × 54 cm (16.5 × 21.25 in)
Centraal Museum
The Netherlands
Painted November 1884, Nuenen
F 54, JH 536

One of a series of small still life paintings Vincent did in this period, there is scant reference to them in his letters other than mentioning his teaching lessons with some local people, and that they were working on similar paintings. Some of the other still life paintings from this period are interesting as they are recto-verso paintings, or painted on both sides of the canvas.

C. Mouwen, Jr., Breda;
Sale Mouwen, Amsterdam (F. Muller) 3 May 1904;
Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
H. P. Bremmer, The Hague;
Nieuwenhuizen Segaar Art Gallery, The Hague (1955);
Van Wisselingh Art Gallery, Amsterdam (1956);
L. H. van Baaren, Utrecht;
Museum van Baaren, Utrecht (Acquired 1956);
Centraal Museum, Utrecht.