Still Life with Pottery, Beer Glass, and Bottle

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Still Life with Pottery, Beer Glass, and Bottle
Oil on canvas on panel
31 × 41 cm (12.25 × 16.25 in)
Private Collection
U. S. A.
North America
Painted November 1884, Nuenen
F 58, JH 531

One of a series of still life paintings done in this period, several of which feature the same items as subjects, rearranged to perhaps capture a different angle or lighting effect. One very similar work, Still Life with Pots, Jar, and Bottles (F 178r, JH 528), is especially interesting as Vincent later used the same canvas to paint a self-portrait during his time in Paris.

C. Mouwen, Jr., Breda;
H. P. Bremmer, The Hague (1909);
Heirs of H. P. Bremmer, The Hague;
D. A. Hoogendijk, Amsterdam (Acquired 1957);
Private collection, U. S. A.