The Old Station at Eindhoven JH 602

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The Old Station at Eindhoven (F 67a, JH 602) by Vincent van Gogh
The Old Station at Eindhoven
Oil on canvas
13.5 × 24 cm (5.3 × 9.5 in)
Private collection
Painted January 1885, Nuenen
F 67a, JH 602

Unlisted in several of the early catalogs of Vincent's work, this small painting was done while instructing Anton Kerssemakers in painting technique. In a letter Kerssemakers wrote to the newsmagazine De Groene Amsterdammer he revealed...

"My house painter had quite a lot of confidence in Van Gogh, and prepared for him the colours he most needed, such as the whites and the ochres and some others. Seeing that the house painter was no expert at this job, these colours often left much to be desired in the matter of consistency, but Van Gogh had to content himself with them because of a lack of money. I still have a little study as a souvenir of this unmanageable paint. He painted it in a great hurry at my house, to instruct me; it was a view from my window in winter with melting snow, and the thin white colour ran all over the landscape."

The Station at Eindhoven

Anton Kerssemakers, Eindhoven;
H. Kerssemakers, Helmond;
M. H. Korting, Gilze (1960);
Mrs. I. Hendrickx-Korting, Driel, Netherlands;
Loan to Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo, Netherlands (1964);
Private collection.