The Old Tower of Nuenen with People Walking

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The Old Tower of Nuenen with People Walking by Vincent van Gogh
The Old Tower at Nuenen with People Walking
Oil on canvas on panel
33.5 × 44 cm (13.25 × 17.25 in)
Private collection
Painted February 1884, Nuenen
F 184, JH 458

Another of the many views of the church tower at Nuenen that Vincent did, this one is also another painting that unfortunately is in a private collection and for which no decent image seems to exist. Vincent mentions the tower and paintings several times in his letters to Theo, though this one painting is never clearly described. For an interesting story about the tower and Vincent's use of it as a subject see the listing for
The Old Church Tower at Nuenen
(F 88, JH 490).

The Old Tower at Nuenen
The Old Tower at Nuenen: Two Figures in the Foreground

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam (1902);
Mrs. van Panhuys, The Hague;
Mrs. A. W. Mees-Moll, Utrecht;
H. E. d'Audretsch-Krop, Amerongen, Netherlands.