Three Figures Near a Canal With Windmill

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Three Figures Near a Canal With Windmill by Vincent van Gogh
Three Figures Near a Canal With Windmill
Medium, material, and dimensions unknown
Present owner and/or location unknown
Missing since 1903
August 1883, The Hague, tentatively
F 1666, JH 383

A difficult work to provide any information on, the painting is only known from this poor quality reproduction from a 1903 exhibition publication, Wereldkroniek. H. P. (Henk) Bremmer, a noted Dutch artist and art collector visited the exhibition and reported seeing the painting on display in 1903. He claims the work dates from August 1883 when Vincent was painting in The Hague, and refers to a mention of a work that sounds like this image in a letter to Theo.

"It seems to me that the latest painted studies are more assured and sounder in colour. Thus, for example, a few I did recently in the rain of a man on a wet, muddy road better express the mood, I believe. Anyway, we’ll see when you come. Most are landscape impressions. I wouldn’t claim that they’re as good as the ones sometimes found in your letters, since I often run into technical difficulties, but still I believe they have something similar. For example, a silhouette of the city in the evening as the sun is setting, and a towpath with mills."
To Theo van Gogh, 7 August 1883

Present owner and/or location unknown.