Vase with Honesty

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Vase with Honesty (F 76, JH 542) by Vincent van Gogh
Vase with Honesty
Oil on canvas
42.5 × 32.5 cm (16.75 × 12.75 in)
Van Gogh Museum
Painted Autumn-Winter 1884, Nuenen
F 76, JH 542

One of many small still life paintings Vincent did in this period, this seems to be a painting of satin flowers in a vase. The vase seems to be one not seen as much in recent works, but Vincent sent his brother Theo a drawing of another version of this work in a letter a few months later, the flowers placed in a different vase that appears in several works of this period. The drawing, Honesty in a Vase (F NONE, JH 726) is posted below the provenance of this painting. A more interesting detail in the letter is Vincent's plan to begin a work featuring some peasants eating potatoes.

"I plan to make a start this week on that thing with the peasants around a dish of potatoes in the evening..."
Letter to Theo van Gogh, 6 April 1885

This work was to become what is recognized as Vincent's first masterpiece, The Potato Eaters.

Still Life: Satin Flowers and a Bowl with Leaves and Flowers

Mrs. J. van Gogh-Bonger, Amsterdam;
V. W. van Gogh, Laren;
Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Honesty in a Vase drawing (F NONE, JH 726) by Vincent van Gogh