Weaver Arranging Threads

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Weaver Arranging Threads (F 32, JH 480) by Vincent van Gogh
Weaver Arranging Threads
Oil on panel
19.5 × 41 cm (7.75 × 16.25 in)
Private collection
Painted May 1884, Nuenen
F 32, JH 480

"We must make sure that we get them so that the colour and tone match with other Dutch paintings, though. I hope to start on two more of weavers soon, where the figure will appear very differently, that’s to say where the weaver isn’t sitting behind it but is arranging the threads for the cloth."
Letter to Theo van Gogh, 30 April 1884

Vincent worked hard on perfecting his craft and letters like this show how he was constantly working on improving the paintings. Changes such as a new work where the weaver is standing rather than sitting excited him as it offered much opportunity to capture a different composition, and this improved his work. In this letter he is referring to this painting and the other Weaver Arranging Threads (F 35, JH 478).

Weaver Facing Left Standing

Mrs. G. W. van Dijk-Buysman, Nuenen;
Sale Amsterdam (Mak van Waay) 8 January 1952;
W. Brinkman, Schipluiden, Netherlands (1953);
Karin Hielscher Art Gallery, Munich (1956, 1970);
Sotheby's Auction, London (2 April 1979)
Private collection.