Weaver Facing Right (Half-Figure)

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Weaver Facing Right Half Figure (F 0026, JH 0450) by Vincent van Gogh
Weaver Facing Right (Half-Figure)
Oil on canvas
48 × 46 cm (19 × 18 in)
H. R. Hahnloser collection
Painted January 1884, Nuenen
F 26, JH 450

It was now early 1884 and Vincent was back in Nuenen living with his parents, and just as the farm laborers had interested him as subjects and models of a noble life, the weavers living in the area became an avid interest and subject of many drawings and paintings. Critics seem divided on the series with some claiming the works are stiff and awkward, but others see what Vincent saw, an iconic sort of imagery, and an appreciation for the meditative state of the hard-working weaver. He was writing Theo letters regularly, as always, but confessed in one, "I can’t keep my mind on writing and I have little time for it, because when I’m not with Ma I’m at a weaver’s nearby, where I’m working on 2 painted studies."
To Theo van Gogh, 21-24 January 1884.

It should be noted that generally when Vincent used the term study he simply meant a painting.

Weaver: Figure Apart

L. C. Enthoven, Voorburg, Netherlands;
Sale Enthoven, Amsterdam (F. Muller) 18 May 1920;
A. Hahnloser, Winterthur;
H. R. Hahnloser, Bern.