Weaver Near an Open Window

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Weaver Near an Open Window by Vincent van Gogh
Weaver Near an Open Window
Oil on canvas on cardboard
68.5 × 93 cm (27 × 36.5 in)
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Neue Pinakothek
Painted July 1884, Nuenen
F 24, JH 500

"Vincent is still working on weavers. A pity, one might say, that he doesn’t choose a landscape for a change."
Theodorus van Gogh, Vincent's father, to Theo van Gogh, 5 July 1884

If ever you see the paintings of weavers and, while perhaps appreciating them, secretly wish for something more dramatic or beautiful, know that Vincent's father felt the same way. But really who can judge the path of learning that Vincent chose, as this foundation he was building did indeed lead to visually stunning success in the end.

Notice that through the window yet again Vincent has captured a view of the old church tower of Nuenen. For an interesting story about the tower, its use as a subject, and the history of the structure, see The Old Church Tower at Nuenen (F 88, JH 490).

Weaver with a View of the Nuenen Tower Through a Window: Part of the Loom, Facing Right

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