Weaver Standing in Front of a Loom

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Weaver Standing in Front of a Loom by Vincent van Gogh
Weaver Standing in Front of a Loom
Oil on canvas on panel
55 × 79 cm (21.75 × 31 in)
Alex Maguy collection
Painted May 1884, Nuenen
F 33, JH 489

"I’ve just now made a figure of a weaver standing in front of a loom, and one sees the machine behind him."
Letter to Theo van Gogh, 28 May 2015

Vincent is almost certainly referring to this painting in the above letter. Often he sent paintings to Theo in the hopes they could be sold, but later in the autumn of this year Vincent actually sent photographs of a few of his weaver paintings to Theo. This would be sort of unique for Vincent as it is said he did not take to the idea of photography, preferring art and painting. It is said that this is why we have only two verified photographs of the artist, both taken when he was younger.

As so often the images available are not as perfect as we would like to see, especially for works in private collections. We strive to share the best images possible and so the top image on this page is brighter and more clear, but slightly cropped. Below the provenance details there is a complete image that appears darker.

Weaver Standing: Seen From the Back

Oldenzeel Art Gallery, Rotterdam;
C. A. P. van Stolk, Rotterdam (1927-28);
Huinck en Scherjon Art Gallery, Amsterdam;
M. Kapferer, Paris;
Wildenstein Art Gallery, New York;
Wildenstein Art Gallery, London (1964);
Alex Maguy collection, Paris.

Alternate Image
Weaver Standing in Front of a Loom by Vincent van Gogh alternate image