About This Translation of Vincent van Gogh's Letter

About This Translation of Vincent van Gogh's Letters

This translation into English is being prepared with the intent of the letters being easy to read, to use more modern phraseology and terms as required in order to make the intent of the letter more clear to a modern audience. We often provide information on what less common words, phrases, or details in the letters mean. In addition each letter has commentary to explain things that might be unclear, to identify people referred to in the text, or to clarify things when we feel it helpful.

Letters written by Vincent van Gogh are in the public domain. Translations from the original language are often under copyright of the respective owner. All of the letters and writings appearing on this site have been translated from the original languages into English by the owners of the website, their employees, and with the assistance of translation software. Most also include notations, footnotes, commentary, background details, and analysis, and are therefore © copyright vangoghonline.com and the owners of the website.

But feel free to share the letters with a friend, to post a link, to use them for reference or projects. Our intent and purpose is to share the beauty of Vincent's art, letters, and life.

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