Another Vincent van Gogh website?

Indeed. Vincent and the experience of his art is transcendent and while many other online sites are dedicated to him and his art, I was drawn to create one that had what I sometimes felt many others lacked.

I was surprised to find a great difference in the quality of images available on other sites and shall strive for the highest quality in reproduction.

While some websites claimed to have all of the work available they often also were simply not beautiful websites. The navigation was sometimes difficult. Images of the art less than perfect. Or the layout of the site simply jarring and not thoughtful.

Many sites masquerade as scholarly or the best source for van Gogh material but seemed to be weighed down with links to often cheaply produced prints and all manner of consumer items emblazoned with the colorful genius of our favorite artist.

We may occasionally offer links to quality items, or small ads to support the website, but our focus shall be Vincent, his life and his art, and our love of what he left us.